Mission, Vision, Values


Perception Institute creates real-world solutions from cutting-edge mind science research to reduce discrimination and other harms linked to race, gender, and other identity differences.


A world free from discrimination and other harms linked to cultural and social identity differences.


We believe in people. Most Americans sincerely believe in equality and want to live in a world in which race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religion does not create barriers to opportunity. When people consciously activate their values, they reduce discrimination and harms caused by implicit bias, racial anxiety, stereotype threat, and other unconscious phenomena.

We believe in empathy. We are inspired to act when we recognize ourselves in someone else’s experience. Identity differences can lead us to designate certain groups as “other” and less than fully human. Increasing empathy helps us celebrate identity differences and recognize our shared humanity and linked fate.

We believe in empirical science. We leave no assumption untested. We base our actions and our discourse on what the research tells us—not what we want it to tell us—and aim for depth over breadth. We are evidence-based advocates.

We believe in solutions. The problem of discrimination is a complicated one—operating on both structural and individual levels—but failure and tragedy are not inevitable. If people believe the problem of discrimination is intractable, they are less likely to engage in action. We are dedicated to raising awareness of and applying empirically tested solutions to real-world challenges.

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