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Perception Institute’s Mind Science Workshops

Interactive Lecture (1-2 hours)

  • Overview of Perception’s core mind science concepts (Implicit Bias, Racial Anxiety, Stereotype Threat)
    • What is it? [definition]
    • What does it look like? [research evidence of impact on decision-making, behavior, and interpersonal interactions]
    • What can we do about it? [evidence-based strategies to prevent and overcome]
  • Application of concepts to your field and workplace

Half-day Workshop (2-4 hours)

  • Lecture, as described
  • Small group discussion of context-specific scenarios created for workshop audience

Full-day Workshop (4-6 hours)

  • Lecture, as described
  • Small group discussion(s) of context-specific scenarios created for workshop participants
  • Skills-building exercises of evidence-based strategies


Perception Institute charges for workshops – cost depends on the scope of the workshop, travel, and related expenses – but we do our best to ensure that cost is not prohibitive.

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