Race 2020

In Remembrance of Black Lives Lost

Aaron Bailey
Ahjah Dixon
Ahmaud Arbery
Aidan Ellison
Aiyana Stanley-Jones
Akai Gurley
Albert Joseph Davis
Alejandro Vargas Martinez
Alesia Thomas
Alexia Christian
Alfred Olango
Alonzo Smith
Alteria Woods
Alton Sterling
Amari Boone
Amber Nashay Carter
Amiya Braxton
Andre Hill
Andrew Brown Jr.
Andrew Depeiza
Andrew Kearse
Angel Chiwengo
Angela Beatrice Randolph
Anthony Antonio Ford
Anthony Ashford
Anthony Hill
Anthony Marcell Green
Anthony McClain
Antown RoseII
Antronie Scott
Antwon Rose
Antwun Shumpert
April Webster
Ariel Levy
Artago Damon Howard
Arther McAfee Jr.
Ashton Dickson
Asshams Pharoah Manley
Atatiana Jefferson
Aura Rosser
Barbara Dawson
Barry Gedeus
Belly Mujinga
Bennie Lee Tignor
Bettie Jones
Billy Ray Davis
Bobby Gross
Botham Jean
Bradley Blackshire
Brandon Jones
Brendon Glenn
Breonna Taylor
Brian Easley
Brian Keith Day
Cad Robertson
Calin Roquemore
Calvin Toney
Cameron Green
Cameron Hall
Casey Goodson Jr.
Chad Robertson
Chance Dunlap-Gittens
Channara Tom Pheap
Charleena Lyles
Charles David Robinson
Charles Roundtree
Charly Leundeu Keunang
Chavis Carter
Chris Beaty
Christian Taylor
Christopher J. Davis
Christopher Josey
Christopher McCorvey
Christopher Sowell
Christopher Whitfield
Clementa C. Pinckney
Clinton Allen
Collins Khosa
Corey Jones
Corey Mobley
Cornelius Fredericks
Crystal Danielle Ragland
Crystalline Barnes
Cynthia Fields
Cynthia Graham Hurd
Dalvin Hollins
Damian Daniels
Daniel Prude
Daniel L. Simmons
Danny Thomas
Danny Washington
Danroy Henry Jr.
Dante Parker
Darion Baker
Darius Robinson
Darius Tarver
Darnesha Harris
Darrien Hunt
Darrion Barnhill
Darrius Stewart
Daunte Wright
David Felix
David Jones
David Joseph
David McAtee
Dawn Cameron
Deborah Danner
Dejuan Guillory
Demarcus Semer
Dennis Plowden
Depayne Middleton-Doctor
Deravis Caine Rogers
Deresha Armstrong
Dereshia Blackwell
Derrick Ambrose Jr.
Dewboy Lister
Dijon Kizzee
Dion Johnson
Dolal Idd
Dominic Hutchinson
Dominique Rem’mie Fells
Dominique Clayton
Donnell Thompson
Donnie Sanders
Dontre Hamilton
Dyzhawn L. Perkins
Elijah McClain
Eric Garner
Eric Harris
Eric Reason
Ethel Lee Lance
Ezell Ford
Felix Kumi
Frank Ernest Shephard III
Frank Smart
Freddie Blue
Freddie Gray Jr.
George Floyd
George Mann
George Stinney Jr.
Geraldine Townsend
Gregory Griffin
Gynnya McMillen
India Kager
India Beaty
Iretha Lilly
Isaiah Lewis
Isaiah Tucker
Italia Maria Kelly
Jacob Servais
Jamar Clark
Jamee Johnson
Jamel Floyd
James Bauduy
James Leatherwood
James Scurlock
Janet Wilson
Jason Champion
Javier Ambler
Jean Pedro Pierre
Jemel Roberson
Jerame Reid
Jeremy Lett
Jesse J. Quinton
Jessica Nelson-Williams
Jimmy Atchison
Jimmy Lee Alexander Jr.
João Pedro Matos Pinto
John Bailon
John Crawford III
Jonas Joseph
Jonathan Ferrell
Jonathan Price
Jonathan Sanders
Jonie Block
Jordan Davis
Jordan Edwards
Josef Delon Richardson
Joseph Mann
Joyce Curnell
JR Williams
Juan Markee Jones
Juan Pedro Pierre
Junior Prosper
Kalief Browder
Karvas Gamble Jr.
Kayla Moore
Keita O’Neil
Keith Childress Jr.
Keith Harrison McLeod
Kendrick Johnson
Kevin Bruce Mason
Kevin Hicks
Kevin Matthews
Kevin Pudlik
Kimoni Davis
Kindra Chapman
Kionte Spencer
Kisha Michael
Kiwane Carrington
Kobe Dimock-Heisler
Korryn Gaines
Kris Jackson
Kyam Livingston
Kyjuanzi Harris
La’Vante Biggs
LaJuana Philips
Lamontez Jones
Laquan McDonald
LaShanda Anderson
Latandra Ellington
Latasha Nicole Walton
Lavall Hall
Lawrence Hawkins
Levonia Riggins
Ma’Khia Bryant
Malissa Williams
Manuel Ellis
Marc Brandon Davis
Marcellis Stinnette
Marco Loud
Marcus Deon Smith
Marcus McVae
Marcus-David L. Peters
Mario Dantoni Bass
Marquesha McMillan
Marquintan Sandlin
Martin Lee Anderson
Mary Truxillo
Marzeus Scott
Matthew Ajbade
Maurice S. Gordon
Meagan Hockaday
Melvin Watkins
Michael Brown
Michael Dean
Michael Espinal
Michael Eugene Wilson Jr.
Michael Lee Marshall
Michael Noel
Michael Sabbie
Michelle Cusseaux
Michelle Shirley
Miguel Espinal
Miles Hall
Miriam Carey
Morgan London Rankins
Muhammad Muhaymin, Jr.
Mya Hall
Mycael Johnson
Myra Thompson
Naeschylus Vinzant
Nana Adomako
Natasha McKenna
Nathaniel Harris Pickett
Nina Adams
Nina Pop
Nuwnah Laroche
Oscar Grant III
Pamela Turner
Paterson Brown
Patrick Warren, Sr.
Paul O’Neal
Peter Gaines
Philando Castile
Phillip White
Priscilla Slater
Quintonio LeGrier
Ralkina Jones
Ramarley Graham
Randy Nelson
Rashad Cunningham
Rashaun Washington
Raynard Burton
Raynette Turner
Rayshard Brooks
Redel Jones
Reginald Doucet Jr.
Regis Korchinski-Paquet
Rekia Boyd
Renisha McBride
Riah Milton
Ricco Devante Holden
Richard Perkins
Robert Lawrence White
Rodney Applewhite
Ronald Greene
Ronald Harrison
Ronell Foster
Rumain Brisbon
Ryan Matthew Smith
Ryan Twyman
Salvado Ellswood
Samuel Dubose
Sandra Bland
Sandy Guardiola
Sean Bell
Sean Reed
Shantel Davis
Sharonda Coleman-Singleton
Shaun Lee Fuhr
Sheku Bayoh
Shelly Frey
Sheneque Proctor
Shereese Francis
Shermichael Ezeff
Shonda Mikelson
Shukri Abdi
Shukri Ali Said
Spencer McCain
Stephon Clark
Steven Demarco Taylor
Susie Jackson
Sylville Smith
Tamir Rice
Tamla Horsford
Tanisha Anderson
Tayler Rock
Terence Crutcher
Terrill Thomas
Tete Gulley
Thomas Allen
Timothy Caughman
Timothy Russell
Timothy Thomas
Tony Green
Tony McDade
Tony Robinson
Torrey Robinson
Tracy A. Wade
Trayford Pellerin
Trayvon Martin
Troy Hodge
Troy Robinson
Tyler J. Evans
Tyre King
Tyree Crawford
Tywanza Sanders
Vernell Bing
Victor Duffy Jr.
Victor Emanuel Larosa
Victor White III
Walter Scott
Walter Wallace Jr.
Wayne Arnold Jones
Wendell Celestine
William Chapman II
William Howard Green
Willie McCoy
Willie Simmons
Willie Tillman
Yuvette Henderson
Yvette Smith


We are at an inflection point. As we grapple with the ravages of COVID-19 and the experience of anti-Blackness made ever more visible, we are seeing unprecedented reckoning with the realities of inequity and momentum toward societal transformation.

To be clear, the events that triggered the current reckoning with race  — the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and too many others were a form of racial dehumanization.  We know that systemic change is what is most required. Structures and systems create and reinforce the hierarchies we seek to dismantle. And the decisions people make and how we treat each other matters — being knowledgeable and passionate about systemic change doesn’t absolve those who hold dominant group identities from causing interpersonal harm. 

We recognize that the challenges we are experiencing can feel intractable. We turn to research from the mind science of identity, as it helps to explain why others’ — or even our own — interpersonal behaviors may contradict the equality that our society and our workplaces espouse. We draw on practical, evidence-based strategies to align individual behavior and institutional practice with conscious values of equity.

Since 2009, Perception has been committed to equipping individuals and institutions with deep insights about how we experience identity differences, recognition of the impact of current practices on individuals of various identities, and evidence-based strategies to live out their values of equity. In the years we have been doing this work it has become apparent that for institutional change to occur, those who hold power must engage authentically, commit to accountability and transparency, and invite everyone to be part of the conversation. This requires a data-driven approach, the identification of context-specific protocols, and culture change while centering the experiences of those impacted, that ensures genuine belonging for all.

Join us in the transformation of our society. Learn more about our Services & Solutions.

To be an antiracist is a radical choice . . . requiring a radical reorientation of our consciousness.

Ibram X. Kendi, How to Be an Antiracist

My People

The night is beautiful
So the faces of my people

The stars are beautiful
So the eyes of my people

Beautiful, also, is the sun
Beautiful, also, are the souls of my people

Langston Hughes, 1923