Kerry O’Brien

Research & Data Analyst, Research and Assessment

portrait of kerry o'brien

Kerry O’Brien is the Research & Data Analyst for the Research and Assessment team at Perception Institute. Acting as a support for the facilitation team, Kerry curates and oversees a database of relevant literature which helps to inform Perception’s Mind Science Workshops. Moreover, Kerry assists with the design and implementation of assessments surveys for various client stakeholders and oversees data cleaning, coding, and analysis in order to develop practical recommendations for organizations.
Kerry is a passionate researcher with a mind for social science. She is particularly interested in gender-related issues; her background includes conducting research on the potential impacts of paid parental leave on the STEM gender gap, as well as investigating the presence of anti-male gender bias in the healthcare, early elementary education, and domestic (HEED) fields.
Prior to joining Perception, Kerry worked as a Social Psychology Lab Manager at Duke University, studying the intersections of religion and positive psychology. She graduated from Skidmore College in 2020 with a B.A. in Psychology and Gender Studies. Kerry is based in Brooklyn, New York.