3 1:2 Minutes FIlm

“3 1/2 Minutes is an immersive experience into what it means to grapple with race and perception in America. From the gut-wrenching anguish of Jordan Davis’s parents to the resigned trauma of Jordan’s friends, this film challenges us to make meaning of his death at the hands of someone who undeniably held clear racial animus and biases but also felt empowered by his weapons and the support of the law to act upon them. Holding a mirror to the way we process race, Silver allows for multiple points of entry into this familiar and vexing conversation. The product is unrelenting, provocative, timely, and stays true not only to the best research we have on how implicit bias and racial anxiety interact in charged racialized moments, but most importantly, honors the memory and humanity of Jordan Davis.”

– Alexis McGill Johnson

This guide is for people seeking to use the documentary 3 1⁄2 Minutes, Ten Bullets as a catalyst for discussion and action using the mind sciences to address the role that race plays in our society, generally, and, particularly, the experience and treatment of black men and boys.

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