Perception Institute is an action-oriented think tank working to achieve dignity, belonging, and fairness for all.

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We bring together researchers and strategists who turn groundbreaking mind science research into solutions that can transform how people are treated in core areas of their lives, how institutions function, and how we engage with each other.

Perception Institute engages in original research and designs evaluations, interventions and training to support organizational effectiveness. Integral to this work is the capacity to communicate across lines of difference, disrupt cycles of biased behavior, and integrate practices of fairness and opportunity. 

We collaborate closely with stakeholders in areas such as education, health care, justice systems and media, rigorously testing and implementing scalable solutions that address unique challenges within these critical domains.

We Turn Research Into Remedies

Our Commitment

Perception Institute is unwavering in our commitment to rigorous research, which enables us to uncover the elements necessary to fostering inclusive environments where people across identities experience dignity and belonging. 

Our Mission

Through research, strategy, and advocacy, we aim to create a world where people of every race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity and gender expression, age, ability, and socio-economic or class status thrive and experience a profound sense of belonging.

Our Vision

A world in which people across identities experience dignity and belonging.

Our Values

We believe in people.

We believe in empathy.

We believe in empirical science.

We believe in solutions.

Our team

  • Afua Addo

    Afua Addo

    Deputy Director of Programs and Training
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  • Jennifer Dworkin

    Jennifer Dworkin

    Director of Multimedia Content
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  • Rheanna Ganapathy

    Rheanna Ganapathy

    Research & Data Analyst
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  • Rachel Godsil

    Rachel D. Godsil

    Co-Founder, Senior Research Advisor, Board of Directors
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  • Sarah T. Graves

    Sarah T. Graves

    Chief Development Officer
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  • Jason Craige Harris

    Senior Advisor
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  • Fahima Islam

    Fahima Islam

    Director of Assessment and Research
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  • Jakita Miller

    Jakita Miller

    Director of Operations
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  • Rachel Perry

    Rachel Perry

    Deputy Director of Program Management and Strategic Initiatives
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  • sadiqa Reynolds picture

    Sadiqa Reynolds, Esq.

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  • Rebecca Willett

    Rebecca Willett

    Chief Operating Officer
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Board of Directors

  • john a. powell

    john a. powell


  • Rachel Godsil

    Rachel D. Godsil


  • Michelle DePass

    Michelle J. DePass


  • Dushaw Hockett

    Dushaw Hockett