Perception Institute Publications

Perception Institute aims to make mind science research more accessible. In our own publications, we summarize existing evidence in reports intended for a broad audience and release the findings of our own original research with partners. All of Perception’s publications are available for free download on the Perception Institute Publications page. We also maintain an archive of key publications from research in the mind sciences, which can be accessed from the Publications Library.

Challenging the Disparities Default: Reframing and Reclaiming Women’s Power (A Research Review)

This paper shares social science research to explain how the belief that women should have equal access to power may be undermined by the narratives and representations of women as disempowered. Drawing upon frame theory, the paper introduces the concept of “power framing” — counter-stereotypical narratives about the efficacy of women exercising power — as an alternative to the traditional “disparity” and “obstacles” framing traditionally used to critique existing inequalities.

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His Story: Shifting Narratives for Boys and Men of Color

by Alexis McGill Johnson and Rachel Godsil (2018) Drawing upon research from the mind sciences, it discusses the impact of narratives on the brain, strategies for narrative change and narrative expansion, and the creation of an “ecosystem” to advance narrative change. Geared toward funders, this toolkit offers tools and concrete recommendations for grantmaking strategy. The […]

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