Jason Craige Harris

Educator, Speaker and Facilitator

Jason Craig Harris

Jason Craige Harris is a mediator, facilitator, strategist, coach, and spiritual guide working in a variety of contexts, with a wide range of constituents, across industries including government, business, media, nonprofit, education, and religion. He specializes in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging; conflict transformation; restorative justice; dialogue facilitation; leadership development; and social justice and anti-racist education.

Jason is a senior consultant at Perception Institute. Formerly, he was a senior administrator at a K-12 Quaker school in NYC where he oversaw diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, co-led the school’s peace, equity, and justice department, and taught courses at the intersection of ethics, history, critical theory, human rights, and religious studies. He is the author of the articles “The Paradox of Isolation” (Friends Journal) and “Between Love and Truth––Navigating Racial Conflict Using Restorative Justice” (CSEE) and serves as the Social Impact Producer for Scilla Andreen’s new documentary RACE, slated for release in October 2021 with IndieFlix. Jason also sits on the boards of Inwood Academy, Seeds of Peace, and Hidden Water.