Sidra Shabbir

Administrative & Program Manager

Sidra Shabbir is the Administrative & Program Manager at Perception Strategies.

Sidra had gotten her start in racial justice work while earning her Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) in
Political Science and graduating from Long Island University (LIU) as Valedictorian of the Class
of 2020. The focus of her degree was on Political Theory and Intersectionality. While at
university, Sidra had gained experience working at multiple law firms to support attorneys in
cases representing individuals from lower-income backgrounds. She had gained perspective
and learned tools for change while representing LIU at conferences where she had gotten to
meet world leaders and pioneers in the global marketplace, including participating at West Point
Military Academy’s McDonald Conference for Leaders of Character.

After graduating, she had immediately joined the nonprofit sector, working with start-up
companies to branch out and build mission driven organizations from the ground up. Her work
has helped expand gun violence prevention initiatives across the New York City area, and
create community-public safety methods practiced by the Crisis Management System to this
day. While working with community safety groups, the Mayor’s Office of NYC and other political
stakeholders, Sidra helped to not only lead Operations for organizations, but had taken on the
responsibility of expanding services and budgets for projects that impact resource allocation for
communities of more color.

Today, Sidra works closely with Perception leadership to drive special projects and maintain
client relationships company wide. She applies her background in legal advocacy, racial justice
work, and activism to continue to champion Perception’s mission of creating real solutions to
reduce harm in a wide array of sectors and spaces.